Using Great Online Resources With Your Language Learning Software

While we’ve extolled, in no small way, about the virtues of using a good language learning software, it is worth noting that there are many online resources that can help you out as well. In fact, we highly recommend combining lessons from your language software with all the help you can find online when doing your in-home studies.
I’ve read many people’s experiences when it comes to using the web for language learning. For the most part, each person uses it differently. The following, however, are what I’ve found to be indispensable resources.
Google Search
When I want to see how a particular phrase or statement in a foreign language is used in context, I simply go to the Google site for that country and plug in the word in the search form. More often than not, you’ll get thousands of useful results of the particular statement used in actual written materials. It sure is more helpful than the limited examples you normally find in your language tools.
Yahoo Answers
Want to practice your writing skills in a language? Use Yahoo Answers to ask questions in the vernacular. While it is, technically, a message board, people from all over the world seems to be on a perpetual lookout for questions they can answer there. If you ask an interesting question, you can get tons of response in as short as five minutes. I especially prefer it for cultural- and language-based questions.
Online Translators
While I have a very good desktop-based translation software, I still occasionally use online services in cases of complex documents. It’s a useful way of having numerous translations that I can compare and bounce off each other.

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