Tutoring Jobs – The Emerging Scenario

There were times when tutoring jobs included simple classroom teaching and one to one teaching. With development there have been tremendous changes in the education scenario and accordingly the scope of tutor jobs have widened very much. In the past, tutors were not able to earn much as education was not given due importance, but with the rising awareness about education worldwide, tutoring jobs have become very respectable and remunerative too.

The changing scenario with the emerging new technologies has given birth to virtual classrooms, online teaching etc. It is no more necessary that the tutor and the students sit face to face. The tutor can teach students through virtual classrooms and can also chat with them online and clear their queries and doubts. Online tutoring jobs are flourishing because there are no fixed hours and the tutor and the student can adjust their hours with mutual consent. The tutor can teach a number of students sitting in the comfort of his house.

This flexibility provided by online tutoring jobs have offered opportunities to many such tutors who were unable to work during day hours. Online tutor jobs offer flexible hours particularly evening hours and weekends so that those teachers who are working elsewhere can also offer online teaching. It has in fact helped many to multiply their incomes. Also those educated ladies with teaching certificates who cannot go out and teach due to kids or any other occupation at home can now teach online and earn. If any teacher has any handicap which does not allow him to go out, he can also grab the opportunity of online teaching and teach from the comfort of his home.

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However, online tutoring jobs involve many interactive sessions with students through video conferencing; chat sessions and the teacher should fix up a time in advance and should be present in front of the web camera at that time so as to interact with his students. As a teacher, you should also bring in diverse techniques such as games and quizzes so that the student feels involved in it.

Apart from the communication revolution that has taken place in teaching, Tutoring jobs have also become highly remunerative. In the past tutors were not able to earn a high income but they were satisfied with the respect and inner satisfaction which they derived from teaching. Now in the emerging scenario, tutoring has also become a highly remunerative profession and teachers have put in professional aspect to their teaching classes. Now tutors can work for several online tutoring companies at a time and can earn more. Virtual classes are another such example- If tutors are not able to accommodate students in one room, they make a virtual classroom where students can sit and take lessons through video while the teacher is teaching in another classroom.

So, the changing scenario in education has doubled the opportunities for many teachers and with the advent of online tutoring jobs many tutors who were not able to teach have found tutor jobs according to their liking and convenience. It has certainly brought about a revolution in teaching profession.