The Vtech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker Makes A Great Baby Gift

The Vtech – sit-to-stand learning walker is an excellent gift for a baby who is crawling and learning to walk. It is not a device to sit on. It is a four wheels push cart that comes loaded with activities.
The product is made of hard plastic with four wheels for balance. It includes a handle so it can be pushed or pulled. The front of the product allows easy access to the range of activities.
This product is safe for toddlers and offers many different ways to encourage development. There are plenty of sights and sounds for a baby to take in.
At the bottom level are plastic spinning wheels in various colors. Toddlers will learn coordination by using their hands to turn the wheels. At the next level is a small set of five piano type keys to make music.
In the middle of the activity board are three spinning flowers and a farm activity center with opening and closing doors that makes animal sounds. The farm activity lets youngsters learn animal names and related sounds.
At the top of the panel are three color sorting holes for blocks of square, triangle, or round shapes. There is also a telephone at the top for pretend calls.
The product weighs around 7 pounds. It stands 18 inches high and is 14 inches wide. It is the ideal height for babies beginning to walk and the panel of activities can easily be reached from a sitting position.
The item can be purchased online, it is priced reasonable and makes a practical gift for any baby. It is a good value compared to other educational toys and is priced to fit nearly any budget. The product is attractive with its bright colors that no baby will be able to resist.
The product is designed to pique the curiosity of toddlers and encourage development at the same time. It can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water due to its hard plastic surfaces. The item comes in a box and requires minimal assembly which can be done in a matter of minutes.
This is a toy that will be played with for a while, with its various activities. It is designed for both active play and stationary play. With its rounded edges and hard plastic the Vtech – sit-to-stand learning walker is both safe and able to withstand the rigors of toddlers at play.

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