The Subconscious Mind Is Our Greatest Friend If We Program It Properly

When I heard the internationally recognised leader in bridging Science and Spirit – Bruce H. Lipton (author of the bestselling book “The Biology of Belief”) say that the subconscious mind is 1 MILLION times more powerful than the conscious mind, I was stunned. Equally stunning is the fact that if you imagine an iceberg, then the conscious mind is just the 2-4 per cent tip at the top of it… the other 96-98 per cent is the subconscious and more often than not is filled with things put there by someone or something other than ourselves – for example parents, teachers, the media, advertisers and others whose motivations and intentions may clash with the highest good and intentions we may have for ourselves. According to John Bradshaw, author of “Homecoming – Reclaiming and Championing your Inner Child”, the words of parents alone (or caregivers in general) can make up at least 25,000 hours of tapes in our subconscious mind and unless we have been especially fortunate in life, will find that more often than not these tapes are negative.

This is how it works

The normal every day way of learning, creating a habit, pattern or getting a core belief etc is through doing, seeing or hearing etc something over and over again like being told you are a certain characteristic by a parent like lazy, bright, stupid, etc, or practising something repeatedly like learning how to ride a bike.

Through repeated exposure or practise, the new information will eventually filter down to the 96-98 per cent of us where it will be stored and become an established self-belief, habit, skill or pattern etc

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We then live our lives from these core unconscious beliefs, patterns and habits without even realising it. These core “software programs” (which they have now effectively become) determine our actions and can be both negative or positive.

The subconscious mind is very much like a computer. It has no opinion on what it is programmed with, but is infinitely more vast than any computer (seeing how it is in a direct relationship with the Law of Attraction). It just faithfully brings up time and time again what it’s core programming is. So, for example, if we have the core belief that we are not good enough because we have been told that repeatedly by caregivers when growing up, then whenever we try and transcend that belief using affirmations or some other positive life affirming action (decided upon by the conscious mind), we will only feel we actually are “good enough” for short bursts because we are up against a whole package of programs telling us we are not – of which we have no real conscious knowledge. This is why we are often doomed to stay stuck in our limiting beliefs and behaviours and hence why we can often struggle to fulfill our potential in life. We may, for example, know on some level that we had, say, had a terrible childhood and that this is the reason for our life troubles, but we will have no idea of the true extent of the unconscious problem nor indeed of any solutions to this problem.

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One extremely powerful aid in helping reprogram ourselves with positivity and new habits, patterns and behaviours is through Subliminal Learning. By bypassing the conscious mind completely, positive and/ or life affirming visual or auditory messages can send information directly to the unseen 96-98 per cent of us and over time (if the same messages sent subliminally are filtered through frequently enough) can, and do, create an amazing shift in our self beliefs – whatever they may be – provided that at our core, we actively choose the change in self-belief, pattern, habit etc ourselves. The shift will then come naturally from within over time. Programs that offer help cover everything from Weight Loss to Insomnia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to improving Golf Skills… There is something out there for everyone.