The Making of Lesson Plan

The success of a teacher depends on how well she could devise her lesson plan effectively matching the standards of expectation. Before each session of class, teacher will have to prepare the lesson thoroughly and present it in quality form so that the students can understand the concept of the topic. If the plan of the lesson is strong the students will follow the syllabus easily. The method of teaching and the plan adopted for teaching are the two elements to be considered if a teacher wants to succeed in her profession.

Until you gain enough experience in teaching, it is better to make a good preparation of the lesson the previous day. Write out the topic you will be teaching tomorrow. Ensure the topic is small and fit into the time frame of 45 minutes or one hour. Narrow down the topic as much as possible. It will be easy for you to bring out examples and anecdote if the topic is easy and short. Write all the relevant keywords associated with the topic. Be specific and clear while giving instructions to the students. You should ensure that the entire class finishes the daily homework of the portions covered. Find out if there are any prerequisite for the concerned lesson. Bring out the essential points in the introductory part so that the students can understand easily. An essential part of the lesson plan is to convey the message properly to the audience and make clear examples wherever necessary.

Make use of visual methods for teaching since not all the students are comfortable with audio lectures. Instead of giving lecture alone, try delivering some video clips or slides regarding the topic. Gather the essential materials or equipments for the lesson. For collecting materials you should inform the office administration well in advance or at least one day before, so that they keep it ready for you. Choose the right method of assessment tool for analyzing whether the students have understood the lesson. Make the students work in pair and you can also form 3 or 4 groups and start a quiz for determining the level of understanding. Ask them to prepare the homework independently to find out their response for the lesson plan.

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