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Learning Japanese – Useful Phrases: Shopping

Shopping in Japan is usually a very enjoyable experience as they take the Western motto “The customer is always right” to another level with “Okyakusama wa kamisama”, literally “The customer is God!” And it is no exaggeration to say that you are treated like one. From the second you enter …

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The Art of Learning the Piano in 5 Simple Steps

Learning the piano is not so tough as it is often made out to be. Following these five simple steps can lead you to become either a master or at least a good player of the instrument. There are but very simple steps, but they require your strict adherence to …

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The Act of Learning Forex Through Videos

Learning forex through videos is one of the numerous options available for forex training. There are different options available and it depends on you to choose the particular option which would suit your needs. The number of training options available can be extremely overwhelming and in most cases, you may …