Studying in Usa – Entry Requirements And Job Prospects

With the globalization of education studying in USA is not a distant dream. USA has become one of the favorite destinations to study among foreign students. They are many factors responsible to it such as hi-tech education system, excellent faculty, safety, bright future, global exposure etc. It is seen in the last couple of years the number of Indian students willing to study in USA has increased rapidly. Not only from India but from around the globe US receives infinite applications from the admission seekers.

The basic requirement to get admission in US university is that the student must be able to write in English with a level of mastery equivalent to the demand of college work. All those foreign students whose mother tongue is not English have to pass out Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) to study in USA. It is important to clear TOEFL before you seek admission in US. You may visit websites of the college you want to get into in order to get more information regarding the admission process and fee structure.

If you are looking for a degree course in US then the record of your grades from class 9 to 12 would be considered in some colleges and universities. An excellent academic score would also work in your favor and your chances of getting selected in a reputed university brighten – up.

To study in USA you should collect all mandatory information about the university you are opting for. There are different admission criteria in US colleges. Every university and college has its own set of test and educational standards which you need to pass through to get admission so please have a full knowledge of the university. Always refer to Internet and read carefully about rules and regulation of US colleges and university.

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The legal requirement to study in USA is that you must be a valid passport holder and there should not any criminal charges against you. After 9/11 there has been a very strong background check of everyone who comes to US soil. Hence, it would be beneficial for you only if you have a clean police record and history.

USA provides world class education and this is the reason it is the top most choice among the students. Studying in USA gives you global exposure. It has one of the best teaching- staff and researchers. Many multi national and I.T. giants companies come to the college campus to recruit students and once you are selected with their interview process then your career gets a kick start. You might be lucky enough to get a job with in USA where you can earn in dollars. The American economy is one of the world’s most powerful and prosperous economy hence, there are number of jobs you can find after completing your degree from the college. There is a constant demand of engineers, doctors, teachers, nurses etc. so you need have to look in your own country for the same. You can also work besides studying in USA, this would help you to earn some extra bucks and utilize your spare time. The mode of payment in US is generally on week basis.