So You Want to Know How to Learn French? Here Are Three Best Ways to Help You

So you want to know how to learn French? So have plenty of people at some point, but why are some people successful and some left with a lot of expensive French books and no actual French? Method. The method you choose to learn French could really mean the difference between fluency and having to keep checking your phrase book for the word ‘hotel.’
There are plenty of ways to learn, and not all are good or bad, you have to choose what learning style is right for you. Have you had success or lack there of when learning in any of these ways before?
Stick to one you know has worked for you in the past, and avoid any styles of learning which have proved an ill fit.
Use your own experience to choose, and you’ll feel comfortable learning French your way. We’ve scoured the Internet and our own breadth of language learning experience and came up with the three best ways to learn French.
1. One on One classes
If this is your first step in learning, this might be the best route for you. Classes that consist of you and the teacher mean you will be the focus, and that classes can go at whatever speed makes you feel most comfortable. You can also choose a teacher that you feel comfortable around.
Try looking up online classified adds or in your local paper if you’re not sure how to find a teacher, and meet them for a quick chat before you commit to lessons, because the right teacher is instrumental in your success. It might sound like it will cost a fortune, but often teachers will work at schools in the day and do private classes in the evening, meaning it can actually work out cheaper than going through a company or college.
2. At a language school
Language schools are well equipped to help you learn French. They generally run courses year round, and are full of experienced teachers who will be able to guide you on how best to approach learning French. If you pin point the reason you want to learn, explain this when you ring, or better still, go to the school and meet them face-to-face. You’ll be able to get a feel for how they run things and if it fits in with how you’d like to learn.
If you want to learn for social reasons, a simple beginners class should suffice. However, if you’re learning for work, explain and let them know what sector you work in and what level of French you’ll be expected to attain, this will help them advise what class you should be taking, or even if their services fit with your need. Language schools will generally mean you’ll be learning in a group but don’t let this phase you, it can often mean you’ll end up spending time outside of lessons with other learners, which means more time to focus on your French.
3.Internet video sites
Internet video sites host thousands of videos made by French teachers to help you learn. It is really amazing what you can get for nothing, as plenty of teachers offer a similar service, but will naturally expect payment. They generally lay out the lessons in a similar way to regular classes, and will start from very basic French and add new vocabulary in each class. As you can watch them at your leisure, this can be a great method if you’re a slow learner and would like the option of running through the same lesson a number of times. It is also good if you simply don’t have the time or money to spend on lessons after work.
Figuring out how to learn French is the first step, we wish you the best of luck in your next step to choosing your method, and finding the most successful route to learning French for you.

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