Online Learning Support – Advantages and Disadvantages

Today’s world is the world of speed, technology and information. This creates the necessity for the institutes and students to find a fast and easiest way to share information and upgrade their knowledge. Thus most of the institutes have chosen online learning support as the best means to fulfill their needs. Today apart from traditional on campus education, virtual learning is equally popular among a huge percentage of students who have deliberately chosen this form of education to complete their courses. Online education not only benefit students, even full time professionals also prefer live online learning to upgrade their professional degrees without actually quitting their job. Many organizations and institutes have started depending upon online education as a personalized learning procedure to help their student to pursue their courses. However though computer based learning has lots of advantages, it has few disadvantages too. Let’s first discuss the advantages of online education through:
Advantages of online learning:
• Online education is flexible:
Now you do not have to rush to attend your class on time as online tuition provides you an option to study at your own preferred time. Now you can have access to your course materials from anywhere, anytime and with whomever you want. All that you need is a desktop/laptop and an uninterrupted internet connection.
• Online learning support available 24*7
The notable advantage of E-learning is, your instructor is available 24*. Whenever you have any queries you do not have to wait till the next class for the solutions, just need to email your questions to your instructor for the answer. Also you can access notes, have practice examinations for self evaluation through live online learning.
• Online tutorial is interesting:
It is indeed an interesting ways of learning. A tedious subject can be made easy and attention grabbing with online learning support.
• Online Learning is less time consuming:
Compared to traditional classes, in case of virtual education you can complete your course in much lesser time. This is mainly because you can pursue your on pace of study and do not have to depend on class schedule.
• Provides freedom to communicate:
It is a platform to interact with other teachers and students, discuss questions, know their explanations and get their useful suggestions. It is a procedure where people can share their knowledge to those who actually need it
Disadvantages of online learning support:
• Creates feel of isolation:
Online environment is pretty much different from that of a physical classroom. Accompanied only by a desktop or a laptop and studying all alone can create a feeling of isolation among the students.
• No face to face interaction:
Virtual education lacks face-to-face interaction among student and its instructors. Though they can communicate through emails but the verbal interaction is the one which is missing.
• Slow Internet connection:
Slow internet connection may interrupt the speed of course completion thus it sometimes becomes much more time consuming.
• Lots of freedom is dangerous:
In computer based education the students only are responsible for completing the course on time and submitting the assignment. The instructor will not going to remind about the due assignment and force to learn the materials. Thus a laid back attitude and an unlimited freedom often grow among some students and as a result they are buried beneath the huge pending coursework.
So it can be concluded that before you chose to pursue your course through live online learning you must have a thorough understanding of all the advantages and disadvantages of online learning support and accordingly proceed further.

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