New Technology

We may think of future technology as being flying cars or robot butlers, but in actuality the device you are using to read this was considered future technology just a few years ago. As the days in our fast paced world go by, technology changes and updates at a rapid pace. The following is a list of what is considered to be a few things that will change everything in future technology.
Wireless Power Transmission
This is a method of being able to throw or transmit electricity a few feet without the use of wires or the danger of injuring anyone nearby. This technology will not be around for another four to six years (if everything goes well and according to plan), but imagine not having to deal with so many wires!
Windows 7
Though this software has already been released it is once of the programs that has been mentioned as one of the top fifteen things that would change everything. It replaces the faulty Windows Vista and provides improved taskbar, touch screen support, access to Netflix in Media Center, faster start ups & shut down and many more features.
Google’s Desktop OS
This application has almost everything you can imagine. It offers an alternative to pay pal with Google check out, street views on the maps shows every house. The Google chrome browser has been release to wet the pallet of those that wish test drive this app.
Cell Phone as the New Paper
If you are an owner of android phone such as the G1, you have most like seen the app that gives its users local discount coupons. There are also websites where you can purchase tickets and are able to show the ticket agent you ticket on your cell phone (can’t lose your ticket that way). Next step that continental Airlines is experimenting with a cell based check-in.
Our technology is continuously changing and there is no better way to utilize this technology than by taking an e-learning course on Windows 7. One of the perks of growing technology is being able to do thing when you want and how you want, and if you like this notion when regarding education, e-learning is the thing for you.

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