Malaysia And Law Studies What to Expect

If you are aspiring to be in a legal profession, then the key is to get the degree only from a reputed Law schools. And here in Malaysia Law Studies are of the world standard. Suitable quality law schools for cost that suits you is the bargain you get here unlike in UK and US. You can opt for under graduation or postgraduate studies, whenever you are ready.

Studying Law means varied opportunities. One can choose to become advocates or solicitors, either privately or in partnership. It is their job to prepare and plead cases in courts of justice and further also help people draw up legal documents. One can also advise on criminal, contractual and civil disputes and marital problems. Public Legal Service is another area of interest. The various roles this could offer are Judge in High Courts and Supreme Courts, Deputy Registrar among others. Lucrative offers are on cards if one opts to work in bank or insurance sector or any other financial sector as Company Secretary or Legal Adviser.

You can choose from many law schools in Malaysia that also have good standing. Some of the best Law Schools in Malaysia are International Islamic University Malaysia, Law Centre, Universiti Malaya – Faculty of Law, University of Technology MARA – Faculty of Law and Darul Ehsan – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia – Faculty of Law to name a few.

Located in Selangor named University of Technology MARA- Faculty of Law, this can be the best option for legal profession aspirant. The university offers programmess from pre-Law to doctorate programmes. The university further has the distinction of being among the top public universities that offers Law programme in the country ranked at number 6.

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Another Law School mentioned earlier which is again situated in Selangor is Darul Ehsan, the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia wherein the Faculty of Law was established in 1984. This university too is a wise choice as it enjoys good reputation completing almost three decades of its existence. However, students here must take compulsory language courses namely Arabic and English. Over 30 trained academic staff means not a thing to worry about.

In both of these universities the medium if instruction is English and hence students can feel at ease and also perform well without much struggle.

If you want to be based at the country’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, Universiti Malaya is your best choice. The university’s Faculty of Law is 40 years old as it was established in 1972. The university provides Liberal education on jurisprudence and law, which is sure to equip young students with right knowledge and skills to move forward in their chosen area of Law ethically coupled with success. Students will surely prove an asset to the society they would be in.

However, Universiti Malaya offers the course in Bahasa Malaysia, the country’s official language. Only if you are interested in Malaysian Law, particularly Muslim and customary law, then you can choose the university.

These apart, there are a whole lot of other universities which offer these courses and among the best. Like any other course here too students are eligible to avail scholarships and loans.