How I Became an IT Technician

1) Find the right qualification-The first thing I did was to speak to people who were already in the IT industry to find out which qualifications were respected within the industry and which I could realistically undertake. I quickly decided that the ideal courses for me were by offered by such vendors as Microsoft and CompTIA because
(a) they focus on the skills required for specific jobs and
(b) the qualifications are internationally recognised across the IT industry.
2) Choose method of study-I chose to study on a distance learning basis because
(a) it meant I could continue to work whilst I studied,
(b) I could learn at a pace that suited me, and
(c) a tutor was available to answer my queries by telephone and email as and when required.
3) Skills Development-I felt that it was important to apply the skills I had developed on my course by practicing my skills. Initially, I worked on my own equipment and built a small network and undertook various tasks such as installing and configuring new devices such as a printer and scanner. Having developed confidence in my new found skills I offered my services to friends and family to diagnose and resolve their PC problems.
4) Spread the word-Within a few months of completing my training, I began to advertise my services in the local community. I did so by putting postcards in the local shops and by telephoning local businesses offering my services. Demand for my services steadily grew although it was sometimes difficult to fit the work in with my day job – something I could scarcely dreamed of 12 months ago!
A year to the month after I had embarked on my mission, I received a call from a local accountancy firm that had used my services on a regular basis. They told me that due to expansion they wanted to develop their own IT support service within the business and would I be interested in the role. I now need to decide if I want to work as an IT Technician on a self employed basis or the relative security of fulltime – nice problem!

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