Education Market Research

The Education sector is one of the booming sectors in India that is segmented into core business (primary, secondary and higher education) and non-core business (pre-schools, vocational training and coaching institutes) and this education sector has a great role in the overall growth of Indian economy. This sector is complemented by “new niche sectors” like e-learning etc, which serve a huge potential for growth. The market is growing at an increasing rate- Indian education sector is an US $85bn opportunity for business of which, US $40bn is for private players. Moreover, a proposed fund outflow of Rs 65,867 crore for education in 2013-14 has paved the way for many firms to venture in this sector.

The success of any business depends upon the research conducted on the customer base either it is a pre- school or the Higher-Ed domain. Research helps any business identify threats and opportunities lurking in the market place; develop innovative strategies, manage budgets and provide accurate information based on which a business can make informed decisions. Learnmile, with the researches and all advisory tools, helps businesses to strategically enter a new space in the education domain and identify the target market.

All the parents who take care of child’s future are fully depends upon the new researches. Responses for any number of queries such as -the school in which a parent will enroll the child- the socio-economic strata attached to it- are completely research-based, which can be either primary (direct interview, face-to-face discussion) or secondary (articles, publications). There are many factors influencing a parent’s decision. Market research can help in choosing the right factor in the decision making process requires correct information. In a nutshell, parent choices are greatly fueled by the results that come out of a calculated unbiased research.

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To create better Indians tomorrow, the research is very important as the importance of research in education domain can be traced to the fact that quality education, and not scoring 100% by mere rote learning. A deeper insight into the education framework throws light on the intrinsic faults underlying the Indian education scenario. There are questions that need to be answered. Why is there a huge gap in the quality of education being delivered and received? Why are there thousands of unemployed Indians in a country which has the maximum number of young population? Why is it that a graduate who earned medals and numerous accolades is still unable to get a decent job?

Learnmile can play an important role here by conducting research on Indian education sector. Instead of making decisions based on thinking, Sound research helps a client make informed decisions.