E-Publishing Bridges Gap Between Writers And Readers

E- Publishing has emerged as a new genre of publication providing great platform to emerging writers and wide choices to readers. It refers to publication of all types of content such as books, in a digital format. The main difference between, traditional publishing and e-publishing is in their pattern of format and distribution. Unlike traditional publication, e- books are available in download, disk, CD and print-on-demand formats. With the increasing popularity of internet usage by people of all ages for business, education, shopping and social interaction, internet has emerged as great promotional medium for all kind and sizes of businesses. It is the reason for fast paced growth of e pub servicesIndia. In the following article, advantages of e-publication over traditional means of publication have been analyzed.

Advantages of E-publishing

In brief, e-pub servicesIndiais a great way to take up your writing career to the higher level. It provides right platform to budding writers and help existing writers to reach millions of readers. It truly bridges the gap between writers and readers.

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