Coaching Business – 3 Ways to Ensure Your Clients Benefit From Your Information

Coaching Businesses are all about coaches helping their clients to become more aware of their problems, which in turn will help them realize their dreams and goals. Whilst many coaches find clients are totally focused during their one-to-one sessions, it’s often the case that they lose this degree of focus in the time spent in between the sessions.

One way to keep your clients focused during the time in between coaching sessions is to offer on-going support material, you may even have been given some useful exercises to use while you were at coaching school or college. But it’s often the case that your clients will need more than just these exercises to help them find solutions to their problems. Remember, people learn in different ways and paper exercises just don’t always meet the needs of many learners. If you are already running a coaching business then perhaps you are already aware of the three different learning styles:




But are you offering your clients a variety of different media in your coaching support material to help them make the changes they need to meet their ultimate goals? A good place to start, quite simply, is to ask your clients how they like to learn. Often, a simple mini-questionnaire is all it takes to help them identify their preferred learning style and luckily many learning style questionnaires are freely available on the internet. All you need to do is type ‘learning style questionnaire’ into your preferred search engine and you will be amazed how many are available.

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Once you are aware of how they prefer to learn, then you are in a much better position to help them meet their needs, for example:

For a visual learner you can prepare a simple set of PowerPoint slides or images for greater impact

For an auditory learner you can record the exercises onto an audio MP3 file

For a dynamic learner you can ask them to create a ‘vision board’ of what they think their ideal life looks like

By meeting your clients’ individual learning style in your coaching business you’ll find the information you offer will have a greater impact and ultimately help them reach a successful end result.