Center for International Legal Studies

Ms. Nelli Tascheva of Tascheva&Partner is a Congress member of the Association of Fellows of the Center for International Legal Studies inSalzburg. The Center examines issues confronting lawyers engaged in cross border matters.

It promotes information sharing among members of the international legal community and coordinates and supervises research projects and law publications and offers to its members a world’s legal and economic survey every year .

CILS encourages post-graduate and professional training programs; every year it conducts world-wide legal education conferences and academic seminars – inEurope, North andSouth America,Africa,Asia and theMiddle East.

CILS is dedicated to promoting the education and career development of law students and experienced law practitioners, it furthers the international capacity of law firms, accountancy and business consultancies.

Nelli Tascheva is a Managing Partner of Tascheva & Partner. Her role is wide-ranging and in addition to her client work, she has particular responsibility for the partnership’s reputation and values.

Nelli’s clients include national and international companies and both domestic and foreign government agencies and entities. With over 30 years’ legal experience as in-house legal counsel, arbitrator and attorney, Nelli is widely recognized as a valued and trusted advisor. Nelli has advised on an extensive range of transactions in various industries and business sectors, including real estate, large-scale greenfield investments, disposals and acquisitions of businesses and the establishment of joint-ventures. Nelli is member of a number of professional international and domestic organizations.

Tascheva & Partner is a leading multi-disciplinary law partnership and a tax consultancy practice providing expertise in all areas of civil and commercial law to a client base of leading domestic and international companies and private individuals. Additionally the firm offers dispute resolution services and, if required, litigation before the Bulgarian courts.

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The firm was established in 1990 by attorneys Nelli Tascheva and Svetoslav Dimitrov to serve the needs of foreign and domestic investors and private individuals seeking an exceptionally high level of personal attention and client service.

In 2004, the firm created a specialized tax advice and accountancy department to compliment the firm’s core legal practice. Tascheva & Partner now offers a comprehensive service to its clients assisting on all legal and tax requirements as well as the economic and financial aspects of their business.