A Buyer’s Guide for the Fisher Price iXL

The Fisher Price iXL is the next generation in handheld learning devices for children. The cool and stylish learning system comes in a clamshell design that opens like a book, and features a trendy 3.5″ color touch screen with attached stylus. Billed as an interactive e-reader for children, the system comes with six different functions. It is a game system, a digital reader, an art studio, a photo viewer, an MP3 player, and a note pad all rolled into one.
Made for kids ages 3-6, this cutting edge, electronic gizmo has it all. It even comes preloaded with software for the assorted applications so that your child can begin playing immediately. The gadget also comes with an SD memory card slot for additional storage capacity. The headset jack gives you the option of peace and quiet while your little one continues to play.
The sleek and chic Fisher Price iXL comes in a collection of 3 different colors. While they all feature the smooth, silver coloration, they can also be accented by prints in either pink, blue, or gray. The toy giant also sells an impressive collection of licensed games that can be purchased for play in the device. These are all interactive learning games designed to give your child a leg up in school. With characters like Scooby Doo, Kai-Lan, and Handy Manny, the kids are sure to take to these reasonably priced games.
Whether your child wants to play songs, read books, take notes, look at pictures or create pictures, the Fisher Price iXL has her covered. The creative way that kids are allowed to use this engaging toy will open a portal to a world of exploration and imagination. This portable device is the wave of the future and will be a hit with the little ones no matter the occasion.

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