40 Days to a Better Marriage by Learning to Love Again

Have you reached the stage in your marriage where it could go one way or the other? Are you headed for eternal bliss or is your path leading you to the divorce courts?
If your marriage has reached the stage where you are wondering what the heck is going on, it’s time to implement a goal of “40 days to a better marriage by learning to love again.” You may be asking, why 40 days and not 10 days? Well, everybody knows that it is better to hasten slowly and take your time to implement a plan that is well thought out and considered, rather than rushing like a bull at a gate and ruining this one chance to make your marriage better.
It is not surprising that many marriages fail and most of the time, this is brought about by the pressures of daily living, taking each other for granted and failing to make time for each other.
When you and your partner are sitting down and planning for your “40 days to a better marriage by learning to love each other again”, these are some of the points that you need to be mindful of:-
– Appreciate each other for what they bring to the family.
– Find ways to encourage each other.
– Support each other with the domestic duties.
– Share time with the kids.
– Don’t let yourself go to the pack, instead make sure that you do your best to look good, both physically and what you wear.
– Plan time on your own. Hire a baby sitter and go on a date like a romantic candlelight dinner or the movies.
– Plan time to talk with each other at the end of the day. If something is concerning you, bring it out in the open and discuss the issue.
– Don’t neglect the importance of having sex regularly. Rather than let sex become a chore, sometimes it is better to delay having sex for a few days so that you are both in the “mood.” It can be a real turn on to “tempt but don’t touch” each other for a few days or even a week. This can add a bit of excitement to your sex life and bring you closer together.
– Be each others best friend and try and develop common interests.
– Keep the romance in your marriage – surprise each other with impromptu treats.
– Express your feelings for each other and never be backward in telling each other why you love them.
– Love each other with all your heart.
If you marriage is going nowhere, then now is the time to invest in it. “40 days to a better marriage by learning to love again,” is a great way to rekindle the love in your marriage and bring you much closer together. No doubt you can recall those magical, carefree days when you first met and fell in love. While, it’s almost impossible to re-capture that beautiful experience, you can learn to make your marriage better if you really want to.
Learn how to do this today and you will never have to experience the darkness and sadness of the divorce courts.
Being married and in love is not easy and it takes some serious soul searching from each party to ensure the marriage stays on track.

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