4 Tips on How to Play Guitar for Beginners

I believe in today’s modern world, the number one obstacle to learn anything is ‘INFORMATION OVERLOAD’! Internet is a sword with 2 blades sort of speaking. For a beginner to learn how to play guitar, is really a nightmare on YouTube for example! You have no idea where to start or how to begin. Well, I’ll try in this article and the following to help you.
1. The Instrument: you need to buy a good instrument. Not necessary expensive, but at least go with a good guitar brand. It’s very important to produce a good tone in the beginning, so you develop a good ear. Plus, if there’s a buzzing, you know it’s you not the instrumentJ.
2. Notes or tabs: studies showed that the guitar tabs – the numbers that tells you where to put your fingers on the guitar nick – only tells you about 18% of the information! Notes tell you the where, what, when, and the how. Remember, you’re not learning guitar only… you’re also learning music, so go with the notes.
3. Which Type of Guitars to Buy:there are 3 kinds of guitars; Classical, Acoustic, and Electric. Buy a classical – or Spanish – guitar. They are equipped with nylon strings, which are soft on the fingers. Plus they are usually cheaper than the other two types.
4. Accessories: you need some of them to help you, and believe me they will make you life a lot easier.
A� Electric Tuner: THE GUITAR MUST BE TUNED ALL THE TIME! This is essential to develop a good ear tone, and to produce a good tone.
A� Metronome: some tuners come in compo with a metronome. This is your best friend if you want to be a musician in a band.
A� Music Stand: do yourself a favor and buy one! Keep your music sheets, tuner, and a pencil on it.
A� Foot Stool: very handy in keeping your posture right.
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